T-85 aka Pacman in Monochrome @ Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
Tigers are the only member of cat family who loves entering and spending time in water ... T-84 aka Arrowhead @ Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
Tigers always enter water backwards and will never let their eyes or face get wet...T-39 aka Noor during the peak summer month of June'16 ....@ Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
T-84 aka Arrowhead quenching her thirst during peak summer month of June'16 @ Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
'MY HUNTING TOOLS'... The so called man-eater of Ranthambore T-24 aka Ustaad few months before his relocation to his biggest nightmare - ZOO 
'STAY AWAY' ... a sub adult tigress cooling off in the hot summer season @ Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
'THE FLYING TIGER'... T-24 aka Ustaad @ Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
'TIGER ON THE ROCKS' ... T-24 aka Ustaad @ Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
This beautiful tigress T-39 aka Noor was sitting behind these bushes and the sunlight was falling exactly on her face like a spot light on an artist.....

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